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ADHD Coaches Directory

This directory includes coaches who have completed mentorship or participated in supervision with Diane. All coaches have also completed ICF accredited ADHD coach training programs and are skilled in coaching neurodiverse clients.  

Listing in this directory does not indicate or guarantee the quality of services provided by any individual coach. Always interview any potential coach to discuss qualifications, services, fees, expectations, format, process, and philosophy. Clients are responsible for choosing a coach who is a good fit for their individual situation. 

To use the search feature, please enter or copy/paste the following terms in the search bar
to find a coach with a specialization that fits your needs:

Life, Career, Health/Wellness, Fitness, Relationship, Finance, Business, Executive Functions, LGBTQ+ Family,
Retirement, Teachers, Women, Adults (30 and older), Young adults (18 to19), Parent(s), Mature Adults 50+, 
College Students, Children Ages (5 to 10), Children Ages (11 to 13), Children Ages (14 to 17)

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