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State: CA

Business Name: SF ADHD Coach

Caitlin O'Brient Bauer

  • Caitlin O’Brient Bauer is a certified ADHD coach trained by the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), entrepreneur, public speaker, and mental health advocate. She offers ADHD, business, & life coaching for adults in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. She specializes in working with women in tech, entrepreneurs, new moms, and creatives. Diagnosed with ADHD at 8, it took finding genuine interest in her first love, the theater, to start engaging her strengths and growing beyond the “limitations” of her condition. Caitlin went on to earn a BFA in Musical Theatre from the University of Miami (Go Canes!) and work in professional theater. She also has over a decade of entrepreneurial expertise running her own digital marketing & web design agency. Caitlin takes a collaborative and highly customized approach that begins and ends with each client’s personal formula for success. She partners with clients to learn how their ADHD brain works, uncover their strengths, get clear on what matters to them most, and start taking positive, aligned action. As a coach and fellow ADHDer, she appreciates the value of having an honest, kind, and fiercely compassionate partner to help her clients navigate the ups and downs of their own journeys. She strives to create a safe, non-judgmental space for exploration and connection, so her clients can work towards the life they’ve always dreamed of.

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