What is coaching?


In the coaching partnership, the client takes the lead in determining goals, and with the support of the coach, discovers personal strengths and utilizes these to move forward and create positve changes. Coaching is very different from counseling, therapy, or mentoring. According to the International Coach Federation, the role of a coach is to help the client discover and clarify goals and aspirations, encourage self-discovery, elicit client generated strategies and solutions, and provide accountability to help individuals improve their outlook on life or work to reach their potential. For more information about coaching, click here to visit the International Coach Federation website.



In addition to her training as a life coach, Diane has also received specialized training as an ADHD coach. This training, along with her extensive experience in education, gives her the ability to help clients understand their own uniqe brain wiring. Through coaching with Diane, clients discover not only the specific barriers created by executive function challenges, but more importantly, strengths such as creativity, humor, and leadership that become the fuel for positive change.

The coaching process

  • Free initial consultion - Contact Diane to schedule a 30-minute time to call or meet to learn if coaching is something that might be helpful. It includes an overview of the process, possible screenings or assessments, and a time for lots of questions to get to know each other.

  • Coaching sessions - These weekly sessions are usually 45 to 60 minutes. Sessions with children and adolescents are usually in person, while adult sessions are usually conducted by phone or online video chat.


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