Coaching Services

Kindergarten through second-Graders


Children in primary grades are developing rapidly in the areas of self-regulation, working memory, and attention. During these early school years, students are expected to work within the classroom structure to complete assignments in a given time, remember to bring homework and permission slips to and from school, and regulate themselves to be successful in group settings. Difficulties in these areas of executive functioning are often seen as classroom disruptions and task avoidance. With this age group, family involvement is critical and a large component of the coaching process. Contact Diane McLean to schedule a free introductory coaching session.

Third- through Eighth-Graders


As students enter the intermediate grades, many teachers expect students to independently manage their time, assignments, projects and materials. This is a time when gaps may develop between adult expectations and student abilities. Coaching can address these needs and close the gap. For students in fourth through eighth grade, group and individual coaching services are provided in person. At the end of each session, parents or guardians are provided with information to help the student integrate and follow through with new skills. Family involvement is an important component of coaching for this age group. Contact Diane McLean to schedule a free introductory coaching session.


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