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State: IL

Business: ADHD Coaching with Julia

Julia Pfaff

  • I am an ADDCA certified ADHD Coach specializing in adults and college students with ADHD. Through the coaching process, I explore with my clients what works for their unique brains. Using an ADHD lens, we build up self-compassion, executive functioning skills, and structures to move them toward the life they want. I enjoy being a support for fellow individuals with ADHD, helping them to rethink their limiting beliefs and recognize the value of their strengths to see their true potential. ADHD can get in the way of personal progress in so many ways—struggling to consider the future, make plans, maintain focus on goals, find motivation to get started and sustain efforts, recall past successes, and recognize our abilities. If you feel stuck and wonder why you aren’t reaching your potential, you are not alone. I would love to work with you to move beyond the hurdles that appear in your path. To learn more and schedule a free introductory zoom call, visit my website

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