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State: NY

Business: MiraMind X, LLC

Mira Weinfeld

  • Hello to all you marvelous chaos-thrivers, idea-exploders—or simply, adults with ADHD—and all you unique individuals looking to move the needle from languishing to flourishing! You know what we’re talking about: the swirl of a thousand ideas in your head, the thrill of starting a new project, the painful experience of boredom, and the inevitable, “Wait, where was I?” We’ve all been there, haven’t we? • Whether you’re a creative soul, an introspective thinker, an entrepreneur with an unstoppable spirit, or someone who’s trying to dance a graceful waltz to the beat of a frenetic orchestra, let’s face it, life can be overwhelming. If you’re an adult with ADHD, you’ve likely wrestled with executive function challenges, battled to keep your mind on the task at hand, and perhaps even lost a few bouts with self-doubt. Sound familiar? Or maybe you’re a non-ADHD adult stuck in the doldrums, longing to have more vitality and sparkle. Whatever challenges or aspirations you have in this chaotic and beautiful world, Mira is over the moon that you landed on her bio page. • Not surprisingly, Mira wears many hats. You don’t just get a coach with Mira; you get a co-pilot, facilitator, and confidante. She’s also your Sherlock Holmes, helping uncover what keeps you stuck and what exciting possibilities lie ahead. Journeying with Mira, you’ll engage in deep exploration to discover your authentic, ideal, and possible selves, leverage your unique brain wiring, overcome executive function obstacles, develop strengths awareness, set meaningful goals, cultivate a nourishing relationship with yourself, and more. As you take off toward your highest aspirations, Mira’s on your side, championing your progress along every step of the journey. Most importantly, she’s your partner, supporting you to bridge the gap between your current reality and your desired future. • Aside from her role as a coach, Mira is a fellow traveler. With a resume as colorful as a Van Gogh painting, her former experiences include healthcare auditing and consulting, graphic design, marketing, and communication disorders. Mira’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited when she plunged into writing a business plan covering the ADHD landscape. This voyage of discovery led her to ADDCA, opening the doors to character strengths and kick-starting her ambition to integrate ADHD coaching with applied positive psychology. And don’t be fooled by all those acronyms after her name (MBA, ACCG. PCAC, PCC, CCC-SLP); they mean she has skills and is no stranger to dedication and mastery; however, her real superpower lies in the artistry of supporting (and challenging) clients to open new doors, turning ADHD and life’s struggles into opportunities. • And yes, Mira does keep upping her game. She continues her training with leading organizations and takes deep dives with masterclasses, amassing an arsenal of methodologies, strategies, and tools to serve you better. Mira also pays it forward by mentoring aspiring coaches to find their footing in the ADHD coaching landscape. With her completion of the ICF PCC marker training, she pinpoints areas for growth and skill development within the context of the Core Competencies and supports other coaches in their quest to obtain ACC and PCC credentials. Mira also serves on the faculty of ADDCA, where she provides feedback to Basic and Advanced students for coaching skills practicums and conducts assessments for coaching certification. She has a knack for spotting a coach’s potential and a passion for cultivating it. • Mira’s clientele of adults is as diverse as her background, but she particularly enjoys supporting professionals, creatives, entrepreneurs, and thoughtful, reflective, “cerebral” adults with ADHD, ages 25 to 70+. In addition to integrating applied positive psychology in her coaching, Mira harnesses principles from neuroscience, cognitive behavioral coaching, solutions-focused coaching, and appreciative inquiry. Weaving together her signature strengths of creativity, curiosity, love of learning, humor, perspective, and an appreciation of beauty and excellence, Mira offers a coaching style that’s dynamic, heartfelt, and somewhat playful yet grounded in research. • When not coaching or mentoring, Mira enjoys her time at her home, just 30 minutes away from the bustling metropolis often referred to as The City That Never Sleeps. There, she’s embraced the joyful chaos of family life (i.e., never a dull moment) with her husband, two adopted, neurodiverse daughters, and a Great Pyrenees who boasts an irresistible combination of incorrigibility, stubbornness, energetic tail-wagging, and soulful gazing that melts your heart. By the way, she tips the scales at 130+ lbs (gasp!). • To conclude, Mira’s got the expertise and the enthusiasm to support you to soar. So, my curious readers with brains that sparkle like fireworks, if you’ve made it this far, why wait to connect?

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