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Phone: +31 611 19 43 12 and US 949-975-9102
Country: Netherlands

Province: North Holland

Business: Anya Daurskikh ADHD Coaching

Anya Daurskikh

  • Anya Daurskikh

    Professional Certified ADHD Coach

    Neurodiversity specialist

    Creating an ADHD friendly life

    My story

    Hi there I am Anya. I was born in Russia where there was no access to ADHD information or medication.

    So for the first 35 years of my life many people around me (including myself) thought that I was silly.

    It took me 10 years to get my Masters degree. However, the amount of negative labeling, stress and anxiety that I experienced through out these years was extremely overwhelming.

    Finally luck turned my way. I met the love of my life, and moved to California.

    New country, marriage, household chores and having a child whose brain is always busy truly challenged me.

    This is about the time when I started to suspect that I was not just sloppy and absentminded…I got my ADHD diagnosis at the age of 35.

    Getting to know and accepting my ADHD is one of the greatest discoveries in my life.

    Coaching is about being a better person!

    In coaching you will learn about:

    • your unique brain wiring
    • how to build emotional resilience
    • your character strengths
    • setting boundaries
    • overcoming motivation challenges
    • matching actions with your values
    • how to make changes you want to make
    • Becoming better parent/ partner

    My credentials:

    - Certification from the world-leading ADHD organization ADDCA, which is accredited by the international Coaching Federation ( ICF)

    - Masters degree in Education - Literature and Languages from CSP University, Russia

    - Marion Franklin Laser Focus Coaching mentoring group


    English, Russian ( Русский)

    Countries: Internationally

    Anya Daurskikh

    Professional Certified ADHD Coach (AACC)

    Neurodiversity specialist

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