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Phone: 314-363-5180

State: IL

Business Name:  Turn the Paige, ADHD Coaching & Education for the Unique Mind

Paige Krug

  • Coach Paige knows that everyone has a unique brain wiring that is integral to understanding the way one learns and performs their best. With the proper guidance and individualized support, Coach Paige partners with her clients to ignite their inner strengths to conquer their executive function challenges. Thus, attaining empowerment, resilience, and success. In addition to her training as an ADHD/Executive Function Coach; Coach Paige is a licensed Special Education Teacher and holds certifications as a Positive Psychology Practitioner and Trauma-informed Practitioner. She specializes in partnering with clients with moderate to severe cognitive and developmental delays in supporting their success inside and outside the classroom. Coach Paige prides herself in attending all of her clients 504, IEP, and/or College Education Plan meetings acting in her clients best interests as an experienced educational advocate.

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