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State: MD

Business Name: Anchored Attention LLC
Phone: 240-257-2343

Heidi Smith

  • Heidi L. Smith is an ADHD/Executive Function Family Coach with an MA in Pastoral Counseling, specifically Marriage and Family. She works with children of all ages, adults, parents, and couples, recognizing that if one person in the family has ADHD, everyone is affected in some way. Heidi lives this out personally and discovered ADHD Coaching when searching for a way to help herself and her own three children, all with ADHD. As she began to see how coaching could change lives and deepen relationships, her passion for it grew and she decided to make this her life’s work. Heidi's purpose is to help families recalibrate by understanding the many facets of ADHD, recognize their individual and collective strengths, increase emotional regulation, build self-confidence, restore hope, and nurture heart connections.

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