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City: Los Angeles

State: CA

Business Name: ADHD Coach Ron


Ron Capalbo

  • Ron Capalbo is an ADDCA trained ADHD coach and advocate who focuses on helping teens and adults find the clarity they are looking for to tackle the world with their strengths and passion. Ron is very active in the online ADHD community and has been creating relatable and informational content for over a year on Tiktok and Instagram. Though Ron was diagnosed in the late 90’s, he never received any support that was more than a prescription of Adderall and a “Now you should be able to reach your potential ''. It has become Ron’s mission and purpose to spread ADHD awareness and assistance as best he can, leaving space for the experience of everyone to continue to learn and grow. By leaning into his love for helping others, unique perspective, and intuitive listening skills, Ron has built his online presence into a trusted source for the ADHD community.

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