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  • City: Needham

    State: MA

    Country: United States

    Business Name: Fast Brain Coaching, LLC


    Lollie Weeks

    • As a mom with ADHD, parenting two boys with ADHD, Fast Brain Coaching founder, Lollie Weeks, is driven to helping students, parents, and adults navigate the ADHD superhighway. Whether you are just embarking on your ADHD journey & not sure which direction to go in or you have been steering through life with ADHD acting as backseat driver, coaching can help you figure out where you are today, determine where you want to go, map out a plan, spot potholes in your path that have impeded your progress in the past, learn to leverage your strengths & utilize strategies & tools to smooth the road ahead as you get moving toward your goal. You will reach that destination with new confidence to take on new journeys in their future. Lollie is proud to be a member of the ADHD tribe, is committed to breaking down the stigma that many still perceive surrounding ADHD and is passionate about helping fellow ADHDers (and those who love us) find the joys of having a fast brain. Lollie is a graduate of JST Coaching & Training, and an active member of CHADD, ADDA, ACO, and ICF.

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