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State: PA

Business Name: Uniquely Wired Coaching LLC

Lauren Gladstone

  • I am a certified ADHD Coach and Parent Coach who holds an MPA in Health Policy and Management from New York University. I have extensive training and expertise. I received my Advanced Coach Certification from ADDCA (ADD Coaching Academy) as well as coaching certificates from the Co-Active Training Institute and the ADHD Parent Coach Academy. I also hold a certification in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and a certification in Plant Based Cooking from the Rouxbe School of Cooking. I focus on helping clients create calm and manage the chaos. I will help clients gain control and balance for themselves, their child, and their family. Regardless of the number of family members with ADHD, everyone in the household is impacted. I help clients learn about the uniquely wired ADHD brain and develop specific strategies to create an environment for success and harmony. The diversity of my background is clearly a key element in the evolution of my coaching style. As a former banker, hospital administration employee, a sales representative, plant based chef, and a volunteer board member, I can accurately say that I’ve experienced life from many enriching perspectives. I have lived in several parts of the US and as a result, my approach is both humorous and compassionate. For the past twenty-five years, I have been an advocate and educator for my daughter who struggles with ADHD and Executive Function challenges. I learned to navigate the health and school systems and understands the joy and challenges of parenting a neuro-diverse child. Through patience and persistence, I helped my daughter achieve great success and independence. This experience motivated me to become an ADHD coach. It is my wish to impart that wisdom to other parents who are struggling with their children or themselves and to support them in their journey.

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