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City: Memphis

State: TN

Business Name: My Refocus Coach


Jennifer Giles

  • Meet Jennifer Accredited ADHD & Executive Function Coach Jennifer Giles, of, is a professional ADHD and executive function coach. She completed her training through the highly acclaimed ADD Coach Academy after she was diagnosed in 2013. Following a successful 20 year career as a Doctor of Optometry and her own ADHD diagnosis, Jennifer poured her life into the study of ADHD coaching in order to help her family and others in their ADHD journey. As a seasoned professional who has developed strategies through personal experience and training, Jennifer has been able to help others navigate this unique brain wiring. With proven tools to approach time management, social skills, mindfulness, self-care, and mindset, Jennifer coaches her clients through their own personal ADHD stories. She is eager to work with those who may feel lost but are willing to refocus on their God-given strengths, build on them, and work to find a custom approach to moving forward. Jennifer and her husband Gary have been married for over 18 years and are devoted parents to their two teenage sons.

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