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City: Merrick

State: NY

Business Name: Jackie Waldman Coaching
Phone: 516-359-2380


Jackie Waldman

  • I am a trained ADHD coach, a retired school teacher experienced with general and special education populations and also a parent of two young adults with ADHD. This experience has given me compassion plus a unique lens to partner with and support parents and students. We will work together by helping you, the parent or student, use your unique strengths to develop essential skills and strategies that will allow you to overcome obstacles that have been getting in the way of accomplishing your personal goals. The skills that need support may include executive function skills, which include planning, organizing, time management, managing distractions and for students…study skills. We will prioritize mindset, stress management and self care as a foundation. Putting all the pieces together will help you, one step at a time, gain confidence to move in the right direction.

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