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City: Lombard

State: IL

Country: United States

Business Name: ADHD Brain Understood



Dawn Keating

  • Let me tell you a little about myself... I've worked as a Nuclear Medicine professional at a prestigious medical facility for 23 years. As our children began to grow up, I could see that what seemed to be easy for other parents, such as simple everyday tasks and social behaviors; such as time management, goal-setting, problem-solving and simple organization were becoming problematic for me. I began to feel overwhelmed by the inherent journey being laid out before me. I made it my life's mission to try to understand why everything seemed so much harder than it should be. In my quest to try to understand this ADHD diagnosis, I consulted numerous experts on both the medical side and the psychological side, including therapists and teachers in the field of ADHD. I exhaustively and thoroughly began researching every aspect of this new life hurdle in order to try to fully understand it, so we, as a family, could address it head-on. I loved working with kids and adults in the medical field, but I found that my true passion was to help those that struggle with the stigma and challenges of ADHD.

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