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State: OR

Business: Blue Pacific ADD coaching

Bruce Eastman

  • My target clients are struggling health care and other professional to find better work , home life balance, develop effective coping and life skills, identify and communicate healthy boundaries, effectively ask for help, effectively delegate and share responsibilities, and more importantly what are the beliefs and messages we send ourselves that are not working well? If you are struggling in your home, relationships or professional life, please consider contacting me. Having a race car brain, and bicycle brakes, I spent much of my adult life wondering why I was always having car wrecks on the marathon Nascar race tracks! Especially, for me, when I didn’t come for regular pit stops or put an effective plan in place for using all the resources available. We also must ask, is this the right track to effectively use my super powers and strengths? How’s your life race going? Are you having car wrecks, frequent job changes? Troubles with executive function, interaction with staff, clients, trouble finishing projects? Any other struggles?

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