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City: Orlando

State: FL

Business Name: PauseAbilites Coaching LLC


Anjali Gulati

  • Hello! I’m Anjali Gulati, an ADHD & Executive Function Coach. I am a native of the Washington DC Metro Area, but currently call Orlando, FL my home. As a parent of an ADHD teen, I have experienced the roller-coaster ride of raising a child with ADHD. Also, as a Asian-American with ADHD, I offer valuable personal experience, awareness of cultural barriers and stigmas, understanding of the ADHD brain throughout many life stages, compassion for your journey and a bit of humor to support you through your ADHD journey. Always wondering “what is wrong with me?” or “why am I so different?”, I began the quest for answering questions for myself and became passionate about wanting to help others answer their internal questions and increase their self-awareness. I am thrilled to share my passion, knowledge and experiences with you to help you become more successful and live a happy and fulfilled life. So, whether you or your child have ADHD or executive functioning challenges, I can help you discover your strengths, identify barriers, and brainstorm strategies to help you take positive steps towards your goals.

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