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Coach sherpa collaborative

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Take your coach training from theory to real-world practice
 an experienced guide to show you the ropes.

Starting a coaching practice can feel like climbing Mt. Everest. Creating a business while simultaneously developing coaching skills leaves new coaches feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and ready to give up on their dream of helping others. 

Join Master Certified Coach Diane McLean and this highly motivated group of coaches to create a simple, efficient business while also gaining the confidence to work with clients. With intensive support, coaches take incremental action steps to move from coach training to coaching practice.

What the group provides:
  • Weekly 90-minute collaborative meetings to learn, plan and implement manageable steps to build your business and conduct sessions

  • Additional weekly 90-minute
    Base Camp work sessions
    body-double style with break-out room support


  • Tools, templates, and other resources to equip you for your ascent

  • An efficient, operational coaching business that allows you to confidently work with clients

The ground we will cover together:
Equipped for Ascent (4).png

This group is for coaches who:

  • have limited business experience

  • feel overwhelmed or unsure with technology

  • desire more confidence to conduct discovery calls or coaching sessions

  • need accountability to take next steps

  • want affordable support

  • are motivated and ready to launch their coaching practice and generate income

You've invested in your coach training, and now it's time to see a return on your investment

Check back for details about upcoming groups!

more questions?

Click here to schedule a time to chat with Diane.
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