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2024 tcc conference 

Strengths-Based Strategies That STICK
If you want more information about my Strengths Toolbox to support your clients and strengthen your neurodiversity lens. Strengths are the fuel for interests, and interests ignite action and the motivation to change. All people, but especially neurodivergent clients, benefit from this brain-boosting, dopamine-generating, always-available resource. (Click image on the right to download.)
Strengths based strategies-Thumb.png
Click on image to download
Need a copy of the slides from Diane's presentation?    CLICK HERE
Want more support for coaching neurodivergent clients? 
Check out Diane's Collaborative Groups for Coaches
  • Connection to a coaching community
  • Ongoing mindset development
  • Shared resources for neurodivergent clients
  • 20% off first two months with code: COACH20
  • CCEs for ICF and PAAC renewals
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