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LIFE CAN BE OVERWHELMING. Managing details and juggling tasks, whether in school, at work, or in family life can be a challenge and leave us feeling ineffective and exhausted.


MASTER CERTIFIED COACH DIANE MCLEAN can help you develop important executive functions to accomplish your goals. Through coaching, Individuals identify and utilize strengths to improve effectiveness in planning, organization, time management, self-regulation, and social interactions to take charge of their lives.


EXPERIENCE MATTERS. With more than 30 years as an educator, counselor, coach, and speaker, Diane brings extensive knowledge and expertise to help adults and children realize their potential and experience success.

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Collaborative Groups

for coaches

Looking for ongoing support for your coaching practice? Connect with other coaches in one of these special communities.

Get Support

Mother and Son

Those of us with ADHD and Executive Functions challenges can benefit from coaching. I am committed to helping my clients reach their goals using a model that allows for collaborative, creative, and flexible problem-solving.

Starting at $5,500

Coaching for ADHD & Executive Functions
Business Meeting at a Cafe

There is ALWAYS room to grow as a coach. Maybe you are seeking a credential. Maybe you are a new coach starting your business, shifting directions to meet a new need, or maybe you want to take your practice to a new level. As a Master Certified Coach, Diane is passionate about helping coaches grow.

Starting at $5,500

Mentor Coaching Services
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Keep your practice moving forward! Get the support you need to run a successful practice. Get answers, ideas, and strategies about all things coaching with Master Certified Coach, Diane McLean.

Starting at $5,500

Free Monthly Q&A for Coaches
Speaking & Professional Development

For over 35 years, Diane has shared her experience and knowledge with audiences ranging from international organizations to parent groups. With stories, humor, and passion, Diane engages and connects with people to inspire growth.


If your organization, school, or group is interested in learning more about ways to build executive functioning skills or the benefits of coaching, contact Diane McLean to talk about available services and flexible presentation formats to meet your needs.

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Resource Library for ADHD & Executive Functions Coaches

Need tools to help you build, grow, and manage your coaching business? Please note this library is a service offered to collaborative groups.

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